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Current Contests

The Dynamite Monthly AutoSurf Contest!

Auto Surf
10 Monthly Winners!

Must surf 30000 sites minimum to qualify!

1st Place 6000
2nd Place 5500
3rd Place 5000
4th Place 4000
5th Place 3000
6th Place 2000
7th Place 1000
8th Place 1000
9th Place 1000
10th Place 1000

More Surfing you do the higher your ranking will be!
All members are now eligible!

Regular Surfing Contest ...From: 2013-01-01 through 2015-12-31.
Up to 10 winners every 1 Month
For Level(s):

Contest starting: 2015-12-01

And lasting for 1 Month
Position (winner?)User#/pages surfed
1 (Y)1878-nobody203110
2 (Y)4800-stregz22ru100074
3 (Y)4494-Ladyz95023
4 (Y)1463-DynoSurf88428
5 (Y)3-aWolf83224
6 (n)4739-rwjdsears13576
7 (n)1291-dalelorenzo11944
8 (n)4723-sgpropertyonsale11018
9 (n)4454-eduardogrampie10066
10 (n)4344-xtreamchris8967
11 (-)4694-TRB726833
12 (-)4734-bilboj16559
13 (-)4745-rufus5610
14 (-)4816-Mjaco dot com4451
15 (-)988-globalcontac2586
16 (-)4674-sailboat1771
17 (-)4795-volkert1349
18 (-)4818-tjwoody19541344
19 (-)3892-Randy1335
20 (-)4810-uberd1275
21 (-)4754-mrpstips928
22 (-)3908-Richard908
24 (-)4475-Simply the Best782
25 (-)4664-jimk43601
26 (-)4648-grqinc553
27 (-)4714-hts28522
28 (-)4814-daryriedlinger519
29 (-)1050-Rob aka Cerberus500
30 (-)4785-oppor2nities4u431
31 (-)4821-gorbo268
32 (-)1203-brainstormer2
32 (-)4730-billnelson222

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